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This is a list of the various infrastructure/funding/etc projects that need to be done. Priority should range between 0 and 10 (inclusive), where higher is more imporant. Also check out dead projects and finished projects.

Priority Project Description Leader Progress
10 Infrastructure Infrastructure Maintenance echarlie, mhazinsk, pew, johnv Ongoing
2 Funding Get SEC/SBB funding johnv, bgregos An officer needs to attend SBB orientation, after that, bgregos (or current treasurer) needs to know what exactly is needed, as we can only request funding for specific items and not general club money.
4 T-shirts Decide on a t-shirt design, do a group order marcusw Need new candidate designs
5 Wiki expansion Update existing content, import content into Gobblerpedia echarlie Evaluating current state of pages
6 Club automation Configuration management, etc mhazinsk, echarlie, johnv Need automation stuff setup to enable rapid re-deployment of infrastructure
7 Inventory Go through the offline equipment stored with marcusw and update information on Inventory marcusw, echarlie None
9 Develop Backup Solution Needs to be proposed and then agreed to by officers [ew None