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These are no longer needed but we should preserve the data/config:

  • - website used for the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition in the spring of 2011.
  • - was used for monitoring for a period but not kept up-to-date; the primary issue was that infrastructure, being hosted on the same server, tended to fail all at once
  • - deprecated project uniluug
  • - vtluug's wargame pre-vtcsec
  • - former attempt at monitoring
  • - channel webchat; version of the service still runs on the vtluug website as an embeded frame from freenode's website. This should be disabled.
  • - member website
  • - member website
  • - member website
  • - member website from pre-csec days
  • Hokie Linux
  • DyKnow malware-stripping proxy
  • Telnet BBS
  • Asterisk PBX
    • Need a stable/working way to bridge gVoice to SIP
    • Analog phone line if we can get funding for it (~$30/month)
  • Usenet server? (The CNS one tends to delete posts after a few weeks)
  • Gopher expansion
  • Document access to the Montgomery Regional Hospital wireless network
  • Build a RepRap
  • Write nice pedestrian-oriented map renderer style sheets
  • Import the Free Culture wiki - can't find anyone with a local copy of this

Prior to the current site, which was written in Python using Django starting in 2010 and deployed in 2011, the VTLUUG website was a WordPress instance. The files for this still exist. Much of the original django deployment was highly dynamic, with an feed, automatic calendar updates, and other features.

Additional files and configuration data exist for multiple versions of dokuwiki and mediawiki. There are also files for a NewsBlur installation which was never functional, and "bitcoin," the purpose of which is unknown.

A static version of is hosted at

VTLUUG to run a Gopher server on Milton, with a small welcome page and access to /files. Git hosting was also provided; authenticated access was over SSH with gitosis and public access was via Gitweb and the insecure Git protocol.$user/ was previously a source directory of files placed in a user's $HOME/public directory on NFS.