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There has been a movement in the club to create VTLUUG T-Shirts.

At this point in time there are many designs, however most of them are based on old inside jokes, or may be offensive.

We should consider something professional to identify us as a club during events such as Gobblerfest, E-week, the CEED O-show, VT Hacks, and any other publicity or conferences in which we are involved

Design one

Ideally this is the main design, meaning the most people will be interested in it so we can get them cheaper, and it's few colors. This is not the final design, but is close to it. The front and some colors will definitely be changed.


Design two


Russian front.png


Russian back.png

Design three


vtluug: cannot read t-shirt: Permission denied



This could be changed to whatever: vtluug site, public file server/terminal, rickroll, botnet, etc.

Design Four


Linux and Unix Users Group at Virgnia Tech


Fuck Nvidia

Design Five

Tux on the driveway

(In reference to this post on the vtluug mailing list.) This would probably need to be cartoonified or something before it could be made into a decent looking t-shirt.