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Note: This page does not reflect current infrastructure. It was for planning purposes. As of 2019 everything has been migrated to new infra, as explained in Infrastructure.

If you're looking for the older project telnoratti proposed, details about it are at Summer_2013_New_Machines.

This is an effort toward the end of Fall 2017 and early Spring 2018 to get new hardware, determining if we can use old hardware for anything, bring many vtluug services back to life plus add new services, fix major problems relating to the current infrastructure, make managing the current infrastructure easier, and to provide enough documentation so that anybody can have a very good understanding of how everything works without having to ask the officers about every little thing. This will be summarized at

One major change offering a VPS service in addition to shell accounts on Acidburn. This is not possible with the current hardware.

Getting new hardware

Cyberdelia is the only connected physical machine right now, besides our router. See Infrastructure 2017. We are planning to request funding from the SBB for new infrastructure as early as possible Spring 2018.

We are still working on exactly what to ask for, but here are some desirable things:

Priority Item Estimated Cost
10 Dell Poweredge R620s $600 ish

Ideally we will get 2. A much more detailed price analysis will be done for the SBB.

\o/ We got $1300 to get 2 R620s!!

Hardware Configuration


  • temp88191
  • Cyberdelia
  • Wood
  • 2x SGI (Phantomphreak/Joey)
  • 2x R620s (Meltdown/Spectre)


  • Router/DNS Server: joey (sry temp88191 is too old)
  • NAS: Cyberdelia due to its HDD capacity
  • Libvirt hosts: Meltdown & Spectre
  • HPC: Wood due to its 4U height that can easily fit gpus

Diagrams in progress


See Infrastructure:Network for a mostly up to date networking layout.

Public IPv4s are the same except for a few, the local IPv4 network is different, and IPv6 is completely different because we have a prefix.

Public IPv4 addresses

Function DNS IP
One Libvirt Node (out of 2)
Web/Proxy server
Shell Server
Primary NFS server
Matt's server

As per echarlie, "check rdns. if there isn't an entry, and it's in ece's allocated block, we can use it."

Service Importance

Note: This section's PoV does not taking into account the current state of service. Instead, it assumes services are being installed to a new infrastructure.


  • Overall service (hostname)

Services running on each host are covered in the following sections


Bare Metal

  • Routing (joey)
  • DNS (joey)
  • Firewall (joey)
  • NAS ("new" dell 2900 - dirtycow, dell 2900 - cyberdelia, r310 - shellshock)
  • Libvirt hosts (meltdown, spectre)


  • FreeIPA (chimera)
  • Web services (sczi)
  • Shell (acidburn)

Very Important

Bare Metal

  • VPS system via Libvirt
    • Somewhat automated system where a user is given a VM
    • Give each user an ipv6 address
  • NAS Backup


  • elk (theplague)
    • Need to research this a bunch
  • (jitsi)
    • Proxy through sczi
  • (emby)
    • Proxy through sczi
  • (mirror)
  • syncthing discovery server (sync)



  • Tahoe-LAFS (crashoverride)
  • telnet BBS
    • How tf do these things work
  • (wargame)
  • Archive Team Warrior
  • (map)

Other things to consider

  • diaspora*
  • finger (kerberos-based)
  • talkd



  • Setup on sczi via the web ansible role

VTLUUG & Gobblerpedia wiki

  • Backup content using dumpBackup.xml script
  • Setup on sczi via the web ansible role
  • Restore content to new wiki


  • Use irc3 module instead
  • Setup on acidburn via the small-services ansible role


  • Setup on sczi via the web ansible role


  • Setup on sczi via the web ansible role


  • Setup on sczi via the web ansible role


  • Migrate homedirs to dirtycow NAS
  • Implement background tmux irc systemd service (or just tell people to use crontabs @reboot (sounds like u got a problem w/ systemd))

User Accounts

  • Setup on chimera via freeipa-server ansible role
  • Import LDAP accounts to freeipa


  • Move main stuff to dirtycow
  • Clean up a bit

Issues with current services

When (re)implementing services listed above do the following changes.


  • We're literally proxying a static github page (
  • Probably should be redesigned to be slightly more dynamic using jekyll or flask or something


  • Need meeting script
  • Need to clean up a lot of old information


  • Lots of out of date information
  • Building templates (populate automatically from database)


  • Things constantly break, but there's nothing we can really do about this
  • Migrate to irc3 pythong library for a stable core
  • Migrate SysV scripts to systemd unit files


  • Old shitty interface converted from python2 to python3
    • Nothing good seems to already exist, so we probably need to write one from scratch
  • Need to merge 2 old sqlite databases
    • Causes bug when only 1 quote author is entered, this is why they can't be merged


  • Mobile formatting is fucked -- someone should look into the hugo templates and fix
  • Out of date


  • Offload storage to NAS
  • Binaries need updating
  • Need to do reddit stress test

  • Need easy way fo non-root to add stuff here$USERNAME

  • should document for users
  • maybe support dynamic server-side content (probably not; use js)


  • Train spamassassin (use corpus)
  • Sieve doesn't seem to work


  • who tf uses gopher (fwiw, gopher was 90% of the goal of project bringing sexy back)
  • legacy IP only, b/c pygopherd is shite

TOR services

linx, hokieprivacy, and the main site (hence can be accessed over tor. advertise these urls or make them more memorable (or both)