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The Linux and Unix Users Group at Virginia Tech Wiki is a free reference. Its purpose is to document how to make the most of Virginia Tech and other resources by utilizing *nix operating systems. Many articles on this site are templates from the VTLUUG-pioneered Uniluug project, in hopes of fostering greater collaboration between university Linux and Unix user groups.

Note: The wiki now uses LDAP login so you can login with the same password you use to access acidburn. We're working on making account creation easier, but until then please contact an officer if you need help logging in.


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This is a list of the various infrastructure/funding/etc projects that need to be done. Priority should range between 0 and 10 (inclusive), where higher is more imporant. Also check out dead projects and finished projects.

Priority Project Description Assigned to Progress
10 Infra Infrastructure Maintenance echarlie, mhazinsk, uncurlhalo, johnv Ongoing
8 Rackspace Find new Colocation space ackthet Old Brandon (Former ECE sysadmin) said we may be able to get space in the new Whit Datacenter
3 Office space Obtain a VTLUUG office none none
2 Funding Get SEC/SBB funding noteventhrice Orientation meeting attended, need to make a real request if we want any funds
4 T-shirts Decide on a t-shirt design, do a group order marcusw Need new candidate designs
5 Wiki expansion Update existing content, import content into Gobblerpedia echarlie Evaluating current state of pages
6 Club automation Configuration management, etc mhazinsk, echarlie, johnv Need automation stuff setup to enable rapid re-deployment of infrastructure
7 Inventory Go through the offline equipment stored with uncurlhalo, noteventhrice, echarlie None
9 Develop Backup Solution Needs to be proposed and then agreed to by officers johnv None

Why Join?

  • Job opportunities
  • Share technical knowledge
  • Learn more about Linux and other technologies

About this wiki

This wiki was intended to support *nix usage on campus. Here are suggested items for this wiki:

  • Anything related to Linux usage, such as tutorials and other documentation, especially related to that at VT
  • Anything related to VTLUUG (meeting minutes, infrastructure, projects, history, etc)
  • Technical projects that VTLUUG members (individually or collectively) have done
  • General geekery that doesn't fit anywhere else, related to interests of one or more VTLUUG members (e.g. audio gear, coffee, amateur radio, etc.)
  • Opinionated content that may not reflect the interests of the entire Virginia Tech or Blacksburg community

Some items are more suited for Gobblerpedia, our sister wiki. These include:

  • General content about Blacksburg or Virginia Tech that is non-technical in nature. Please categorize these with Move to Gobblerpedia so we can later migrate them in bulk.