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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a chat protocol that has been around for a long time but still remains popular, especially among the open source crowd.

Virginia Tech Related IRC Channels

OFTC is a smaller IRC service for smaller free cultural projects, including Tor. It allows access via ssl with it's self-signed cert, and tor.

Channel for the Linux and Unix Users Group
Channel for the Cyber Security Club. A slack bridge is maintained in the channel
Official channel for ECE2524
General chanel for Virginia Tech's ECE department
Channel for the Computer Science Lounge
Труд в Linux и Unix группы пользователей в Virginia Tech является делом чести, славы, мужества и героизма.

Freenode is probably the most popular IRC service for free cultural projects. Big names like Wikipedia and Ubuntu have their official channels there.

Channel for the Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Association
Channel for the OSSIE software defined radio project
Channel for Free Culture, defunct
Unofficial channel for students in ENGE 1104. This was mainly used by students in the Spring 2012 lecture, but is no longer active.

2600net offers some nice features like SSL. Virginia Tech students typically primarily idle in just one channel on that server.

Channel for 2600 readers, group members and others in Virginia, VT idlers minimal these days

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