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Cyberdelia is VTLUUG's second-generation VM server. It aims to replace Wood in the medium-term as a host for our more critical services. It is currently running CentOS 6.7.

Dmesg indicates it is a Dell PowerEdge 2900 III with board model of 0NX642[1].

It has 2 4-core Intel Xeon X5450 @ 3.00GHz[2][3], with 48 GiB DDR2 RAM clocked at 667MHz, which are Samsung M395T5160CZ4-CE65 4GiB sticks. For reference: the processor currently (2016 March) goes for about $20 on ebay [4]

It has 4 NICs, support for up to 48GiB RAM, and up to 8 hot-swap SCSI (SAS?) hard drives. The disks are configured with 7 931GiB drives, one 278.9GiB drive, and one 67.8GiB drive. The 7 identical drives are mounted in a ZFS-raid array, the smallest drive has an lvm setup on it, and a boot partition.

The current pool is RAID-Z2, and has a total capacity of 6.31TiB, of which 4.06TiB (64.3%) are allocated (as of 2016 March)

It resides in the CVL ECE Server Closet in Whittemore.

VMs hosted

Cyberdelia has the following:


The following datasets are configured:

  • /tank/nfs/home - user home directories, available over NFS to VTLUUG machines
  • /tank/nfs/scratch - Temporary unimportant storage. Permissions are 777. No snapshots or backups.
  • /tank/nfs/share - For sharing media between users.
  • /tank/nfs/files -
  • /tank/libvirt - VM storage
  • /tank/tahoe - Tahoe-LAFS grid