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This is a list of talks people would like to see and (unscheduled) talks people are willing to put together if they are nagged. Since there's no dedicated VTCSEC wiki, you can also list talks on this page that you'd like to see given there.

Talk Ideas

Beginner Content

  • "Passing classes with only free software: replacing proprietary tools in your workflow"
  • Introduction to Command-Line-Fu
  • Basics of Bash scripting
  • Intro to tmux

System administration and use

  • "1 PID1 to rule them all: Init systems for the modern world"
    • SysV Init
    • Runit
    • Finit
    • OpenRC
    • Systemd
    • Others...
  • or use systemd
  • X.Org and Wayland
  • Expert level Vim
  • Emacs
  • DragonFly BSD
  • Intro to OpenBSD, or "How to become via"
  • Taskwarrior demo
  • Plan 9 introduction

Servers and Computing

  • Samba
  • NFS (including NFS4)
  • Failover tools for Linux (e.g. CARP) and simple high availability/clustered services in RHEL/CentOS and/or Debian
  • DNS (theory, caching/recursive, brief tutorial on how to make your own on Linux/BSD, DNSSEC)
  • Mail
  • "Mainframes on wheels: New directions in mobile computing"
  • "IP man: Networking protocols of today and tomorrow"

Programming languages

  • Dyretalks (dyreshark's talks on programming languages)
  • Survey of archaic programming languages
  • "Writing useful code in useless languages: An introduction to esoteric and obfuscated code"
  • The evolution and justification of coding styles
  • C14 features
  • LaTeX
  • "Lambda Calculus for Babies. Retarded Babies."
    • ackthet's 10-part Xmonad talk starting from the basics of haskell


  • Short presentation of how members use Linux/UNIX in their daily routines, thus making people hear about various tools they didn't know existed/haven't seen used. - nitin
  • Timecube
  • Openstreetmap - mutantmonkey
  • Multiboot on a RaspberryPi
  • Firetalks day
  • Ram should give a talk on mix networks
  • Hacking Games for Fun and Profit

Scheduled Talks

This is a planning space for talks that people have agreed to give (or gave) in various semesters. Nag them if you want a copy of their slides.

Spring 2014

  • telnoratti - Quantum Crypto
  • telnoratti - Cults 102: Advanced Culting Techniques
  • mhazinsk - Mail - Postfix/Dovecot, etc
  • mhazinsk - Reversing EAS boxes (possibly at CSEC instead)
  • nitin - Eliptic Curve Cryptography, Group Theory
  • nitin - Intro to commandline stuff
  • jkh - SSL, LDAP/Kerberos
  • dyreshark - LLVM
  • wallmani - ?
  • sloafe - March 20th - window managers?
  • dyreshark - April 3rd - Runtimes (slides, video)

Fall 2013

  • telnoratti - ZFS - September 5th
  • mhazinsk - "About VTLUUG" for new members - September 5th
  • guzzles - Cable lacing - September 12th
  • officers - Overview of VTLUUG services (for new members) - September 12th
  • dyreshark - Go (programming language) [and maybe some optimizations too] - September 19th
  • uncurlhalo - Linux From Scratch - September 26th
  • mr-black - "How mr-black develops software" - workflow talk/discussion - October 17th
  • mhazinsk - Ansible
  • Jagged - Software-defined Radio (with HackRF, USRP)
  • aam - Set up a solid Email Server with Dovecot, Postfix, Amavisd, Spamassassin, Clamav and Sieve (moved to Spring)
  • telnoratti - Xen Cloud Platform (moved to Spring)
  • telnoratti - Puppet (moved to Spring)

Spring 2013

  • telnoratti - Cults 101: Starting your first cult for fun and profit
  • telnoratti - LXC

Fall 2010

Talks people are willing to give

Note: most of these members do attend meetings regularly, and many don't even live in Blacksburg. Some (Mr. Black), are willing to give remote talks through jitsi meet or google chat.



Old talks

These are things from the old VTLUUG:Roadmap page, and may get added if there is sufficient interest. Most of these were added a couple years ago, so their status is unknown

Other meeting ideas

  • Slideshare roulette
  • Key exchange parties
  • Android rooting event (combined with or separate from installfest)
  • Karaoke night

Round tables

  • (CS, ECE software side - Hacking open source projects for grades)
  • ECE hardware side - Free Software for digital and analog circuits
    • Using QUCS in class
    • Free Software schematic capture, simulation, routing and layout software for the Open Electronics Lab - Fedora electronics remix
  • CoE - Chat with Dean Scales, faculty technology committee about the computer requirement
  • Engineering education
  • OCS - i.e. improving assignment notification