Summer 2013 New Machines

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ECE donations

VTLUUG inherited several machines in May 2013 from ECE.

  • 1 gray Poweredge tower
    • Has at least one Xeon (unknown specs)
    • Unknown memory, probably ECC
    • 2x 1TB HDDs currently, space for at least 2 more
    • Dell PERC (RAID controller)
  • 1 black poweredge tower, unknown specs
    • Has at least one Xeon (unknown specs)
    • Unknown memory, probably ECC
    • Has built-in RAID1 controller, holds 2 drives
  • 2x PowerEdge 2900s from 2006 (ECE isn't done with these yet)
    • Each has Dual Xeons (either dual or quad core) with virt extensions
    • 16 GB memory
    • 10 HDD bays
    • Dual gigabit NICs
    • To be named cyberdelia and gibson
    • Can run KVM, Xen/XCP, or something else
  • We also might be getting a RAID box, another server, and/or extra hard drives by the end of FY2013

Spare parts

We've recently acquired the following which we can cannibalize/use:

  • mutantmonkey's old router (deadish mobo, everything else works)
  • The 5U case from (missing drive bays)
  • SGI monitor with 2x VGA inputs (from telnoratti)

Services needed

We currently could use:

  • A machine to replace wood to host at least acidburn, milton, and blade
  • Another auth server (Kerberos/LDAP slave) with a global v4 (preferably a physical machine)
  • Dedicated file server (Kerberized NFSv4? AFS?)
  • Stable replacement for (telnoratti is taking it over)
    • Could potentially use filebox2/3 for storage
  • Some sort of video conferencing - big blue button, SIP server, etc
  • Old services (see Project Bringing Sexy Back), e.g. gopher, finger, telnet BBS
  • Dtella node to mirror DEFCON talks, 29c3 talks, etc
    • Dtella test network to port IPv6