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Meltdown is VTLUUG's 3rd generation VM server. It replaces cyberdelia as a VM host for our more critical services. As of 2019 it also serves as a docker host, however, all web services still run on sczi. It is currently running Ubuntu 18.04.

It is a Dell R620, purchased in Spring 2018 as part of Project Bringing Sexy Back (along with spectre).

It has 2 12-core Intel Xeon E5-2620 @ 2.00GHz, with 64GB DDR# RAM, clocked at (???).

It has 4 NICs, support for up to 4 hot-swap SCSI/SAS drives. The disks are configured with 2 280GB drives in raid 1 with LVM setup on it. Within LVM it has a root partition formatted as ext4 and a docker partition formatted as xfs to enable the --storage-opt option in docker.

It resides in the ECE Server Closed in Whittemore.

VMs hosted

Meltdown hosts all non-user VMs. User VMs are stored on spectre.