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Dirtycow is VTLUUG's 3rd(?) generation NFS server donated by jfranklin. It replaces Cyberdelia and hosts storage for our more critical services. It is currently running Ubuntu 18.04.

Dmesg indicates it is a Dell PowerEdge 2900 III with board model of 0NX642[1] with 24GB DDR2 RAM clocked at 667MHz.

It has 2 4-core X X5404 @ 2.00GHz[2][3] and up to 8 hot-swap SCZI(SAS?) hard drives, with an additional 2 SATA ports. The drives are configured with 8 2TB drives and 2 120GB drives. The 8 identical drives are mounted in a ZFS-raidz2 array. The remaining 2 SSDs are configured with raid 1 and have a single root partition.

The ZFS pool has a total capacity of 14.5T, of which 5.15T are allocated (as of Jan 2019).

It resides in the ECE Server Closet in Whittemore.


The following datasets are configured:

  • /cistern/backups - Important backups
  • /cistern/nfs/docker/data - Persistent docker data volumes
  • /cistern/nfs/files -
  • /cistern/nfs/home - User homedirs for IPA users, available over NFS to VTLUUG hosts
  • /cistern/nfs/libvirt - Storage for libvirt hosts
  • /cistern/nfs/scratch - Temporary unimportant storage
  • /cistern/nfs/share - Permanent user storage
  • /cistern/share/srv - Webserver dir for Sczi, but not used since we've migrated everything to docker