Deprecated Inventory

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Type Hostname Room Location Circuit Owner Use Notes
Server WHIT 432 R1U15-16* VTLUUG Syslog Unkerberized
Server unknown R1U01 Timelord IRC server
Server vilnius TORG 1300 wopr VTLUUG PXEboot For installfests
Server mirror2 unknown R1U00 via/ECE Arch/OpenBSD mirror
Server Sunway (19 nodes) Squires 350A VTLUUG/ECE Cluster Now WUVT's
VM WHIT 432 R1U15-16* LV4G-7 VTLUUG LDAP/Kerberos
Server WHIT 432 R1U15-16* LV4G-7 VTLUUG Tor relay
Server WHIT 432 R1U15-16* LV4G-7 VTLUUG DNS
Server N/A Squires 350A R1U10-11 via? ?? Supermicro box -- Now WUVT's
Server WHIT 355 jpo Arch/OpenBSD mirror Running OpenBSD
Server N/A user:uncurlhalo 32-bit Penguin Computing box
Server N/A user:uncurlhalo No drives Dell server
Server N/A user:uncurlhalo No RAM, VGA broken Penguin Computing box
Server Whit 7xx ECE (tagged) PXE server OpenBSD, Dvorak keyboard
8-port Switch N/A User:uncurlhalo VTLUUG
Patch panel N/A User:uncurlhalo VTLUUG Mostly cat5 cable (100mbit/s)
KVM switch N/A User:uncurlhalo VTLUUG KVM switch Used for wood, mirror, temp88191
VM Whit 7xx VTLUUG Web server Hosted on Infrastructure:Cyberdelia
VM Whit 7xx VTLUUG LDAP Hosted on Infrastructure:Cyberdelia
VM WHIT 7xx VTLUUG Tahoe-LAFS Currently Down
Server WHIT 7xx VTLUUG/ECE Router Ubuntu 14.04
Server WHIT 7xx VTLUUG HPC 4U, conviently high enough to fit gpus
Server WHIT 7xx VTLUUG Given to User:toocrazzzzy