CVL eviction

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In early fall of 2015, jkh left the ECE department. The CVL was re-purposed, and LUUG lost all of its rackspace and racks. Currently, only Cyberdelia is running. All other hardware is in storage, with the exception of sunway, which was transferred to WUVT after a prolonged stay in the new CVL.

Effect on infrastructure

The closing of the CVL resulted in prolonged LUUG downtime, and broke the unmaintainable and under-documented Kerberos/LDAP configuration. Acidburn was non-functional and subsequently replaced, Homedirs were manually migrated, and a new LDAP VM was launched.

The website, which was already unmaintainable, experienced multiple occasions of prolonged downtime as well.

Wadsworth, during this downtime, was replaced with VTLUUGbot, also forked from mutantmonkey's phenney, and was run on aam's personal server for much of that time.