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The VTLUUG racks were located in Whittemore 432 (the CVL). Because of the loss of the CVL by jkh, these may no longer be in VTLUUG's possession.

Rack 1

Inventory (top to bottom)

This section is deprecated. See our inventory page for server inventory.

  • 8 port PS/2 and VGA KVM switch
  • Monitor, PS/2 keyboard
  • Wood, the VTLUUG VM server
  • OpenBSD/Arch mirror (actually two machines with CARP)
  •, the VTLUUG router
  • Two broken Penguin Computing machines (both formerly served as
  • Other unidentifiable machines
  • Tardis
  • 8-port gigabit switch (not mounted, located behind rack)
  • PDU (mounted on back right side of rack)

Future additions

Rack 2

  • Unknown manufacturer/model
  • Has threaded mounting holes (unknown size)
  • Came with three accessory drawers (now in the cable cabinet near the door)

Inventory (top to bottom)