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As of May 2015, this is deprecated and will probably never be implemented.

In February 2013, the idea for a reincarnation of the Beowulf cluster arose. This would be a rackmount-type box where people could colocate their Raspberry Pis in our rack. Despite the name, this does not imply that shared computing software will be run on it; it's simply a way of efficiently sharing power supplies, networking gear, and rack space.

Needed supplies

  • Rackmount case (mutantmonkey has a 5U one)
  • Rackmount 10/100 switch (Matt has one)
  • Patch panel to mount on front of case (Matt can probably acquire one)
    • Could use this for power and GPIO access in addition to ethernet
  • Bulk ethernet, etc (Matt has plenty)
  • 5V USB PDU (may have to custom build --Mjh (talk) 17:11, 21 February 2013 (EST))
  • Cases (we can 3D-print these)
  • Blinkenlights to attract attention and envy from others in the CVL. (Can build this with some LEDs and GPIO access --Mjh (talk) 14:35, 22 February 2013 (EST))



  • Native IPv6
  • IPv4 NAT behind VTLUUG router (temp88191.ece.vt.edu)
  • Tunneled AMPRnet IPv4 for ham use

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