HokieTux, the VTLUUG Mascot

The Linux and Unix Users Group at Virginia Tech (VTLUUG or "the LUUG") is dedicated to improving the computing skills of its members, supporting Linux and Unix use on campus, and serving the community through Free Software and open data.

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Mailing Lists

The Linux and Unix Users Group at Virginia Tech has an announcement list, vtluug-announce, and a discussion list, vtluug. The announcement list is a low-traffic list primarily used for event announcements, and the discussion list is a moderate-traffic open forum, with regular traffic including questions, suggestions, and job postings.

We encourage interested parties to subscribe to just the announcement list or to both lists as event announcements are not cross-posted to the discussion list unless someone starts a thread. Meetings are typically posted on the Announcement list.

You can add yourself to either of these lists by clicking the relevant link and then clicking the "Join group" button.