The Linux and Unix Users Group at Virginia Tech (VTLUUG or "the LUUG") is dedicated to improving the computing skills of its members, supporting Linux and Unix use on campus, and serving the community through Free Software and open data.


Brendan Gregos
Vice President
Paul Walko
Aaron Brown
Philip Conte

History and Status

The VTLUUG logo in 2002

The Linux and Unix Users Group was founded in 1997. To avoid a name collision with the Vermont Linux Users Group, the organization chose the name "Linux/Unix Users' Group". To simplify the punctuation and comply with Virginia Tech policy regarding student organization names, the slash and apostrophe were dropped and the school affiliation was moved to the end of the name. The historical abbreviation of VTLUUG and domain name of vtluug.org have been kept, as they are not directly addressed by the relevant policies. Our status with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University is that of an undergraduate, special interest, registered student organization.

We consider anyone that idles in our IRC channel or is a member of our listserv to be a member of the VTLUUG. You don't have to attend our weekly meetings, come to any of our events, or pay membership dues. In fact, you don't even have to attend Virginia Tech; we welcome anyone interested in Linux and Unix and have plenty of members that don't even live anywhere near Blacksburg.