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Our first meeting on the 2016 Fall semester.

Date, Time, and Location


  • Rackspace Keysigning on Sept 15th, this will be our regular meeting for next week
  • Consideration of new or alternative meeting location and date.
  • Results of Gobblerfest and Installfest
  • HokieTux stickers are here!
  • 2016 is the year of the Linux desktop


Learning opportunities


  • marcusw will be giving a brief history of the club and where we are today.
  • uncurlhalo will be talking about opportunities to help the club as well as ways the club can help members.


  • Gobblerpedia
  • VTLUUG Wiki
  • Wiki meeting page creation script -- this needs to happen so someone isn't doing it manually


  • Jagged Talk Topics: 1) ARM Development or Embedded Development 2) Software defined radios
  • aam Talk Topics: 1) Facebook Infra and how its managed
  • New meeting times - Monday at 7:30, Tuesday at 6:30, Wednesday at 6:30
  • Interest in a hackathon - Get some corporate sponsors to help (Altria, Rackspace, Qualcomm, Facebook)