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Our first meeting of the 2016 Spring semester.

Date, Time, and Location


  • #VTLUUG: no longer full anarchy. Now: "No Rules, Just Right™"
  • 2016 is the year of the Linux desktop
  • F20160127 updated lives available: http://tinyurl.com/live-respins (.iso & .torrent).



Meeting Happenings

Many visitors/new members this meeting. Contact uncurlhalo for a shell account

Calvin opened with Linux news

Most news available on LWN

  • Linux Foundation Changed bylaws (LWN Subscriber-only)
  • 4.5 kernel merge window closed
    • patch for non-volatile RAM
    • Ext3 patches
  • Cool Kernel Bug
  • GCC Undefined Behaviour Sanitizer

Jake on TripleO

  • Out of band management summary for those unfamiliar
  • TripleO: "Openstack On Openstack"
  • Deploy unconfigured servers from a single Openstack server, with Ironic, Cinder, and Nova
  • Dynamic Provisioning with Nova

Eric on the Wiki

  • Get a shell account and hack on the wiki, PLEASE!