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This page includes information about both libre and non-libre software, rather than having it fragmented in a ton of separate pages across the wiki.

Libre Applications

See Annotation for a more in depth explanation about annotation software.

Jarnal - Java based PDF annotator

Okular - KDE Document viewer

Xournal - GTK+ inking application

GNURadio - "Provides signal processing blocks to implement software-defined radios and signal-processing systems."

Used by the Hume Center for research

LaTeX - Markup & typesetting system for producing high-quality documents

Mono - Cross platform .NET compiler and runtime

Pygments - Source code pretty-printer that outpus to many formats

R - The programming language for statistics

SPIM - MIPS R2000 & R3000 simulator for educational purposes

VirtualBox - Virtualization software

LibVirt - API for manaing virtual machines under QEMU, KVM, or XEN

Xmonad - Haskell based windows manager

BlueJ - Simple Java IDE

Clang Complete - Popular Clang addon for vim

Screen - Popular terminal multiplexer

tmux - Popular terminal multiplexer

Xoscope - Oscilloscope program

Xournal - Notetaking/Sketching/Journal App

Qucs - "Quite Universal Circuit Simulator"

QtOctave - GUI for Octave

Non-libre Applications

Software License WINE? VM? Native Linux? Equivalent FOSS Notes
MATLAB Proprietary Gold Yes Yes QtOctave, FreeMat (stale?), Octave (console), Scilab (not syntax-compatible), Sage Parallelize number crunching using the CVL
DyKnow Proprietary Garbage Yes No Ubiquitous Presenter (Free for academic use), completely free version a work in progress Contains malware.
LabView Proprietary Yes Yes
Microsoft Visual C++ Proprietary Garbage Yes No GCC + GDB + Valgrind, KDevelop, eclipse-cdt
Microsoft Excel 2007 Proprietary Gold Yes No Gnumeric Absolute values ( such as "1" or "0") can not be used for constraints. Multiple cell ranges can not be manipulated at once, making Gnumeric unusable for transshipment problems and goal programming. Cell ranges can only be compared to ranges of equal length and width in constraints. Nonlinear programming is not yet possible.

Reports are dated in UTC.

PSpice Proprietary Silver Yes No Qucs You can probably replace the Tront PSpice book with the Qucs workbook.
Zeitnitz Soundcard Oscilloscope ? Gold ? No xoscope
PCLab Proprietary Bronze? Kind of No none, if you want to use this hardware bwr is supposedly working on a linux driver so that this 'scope might also work with xoscope
LogicWorks Proprietary Gold Yes No Qucs
MPLAB ?? Gold Yes Yes Piklab
Xilinx tools (parts GPL'd) ?? Sometimes quirky Yes Use 9.x natively with libusb-driver.
WinCupl Proprietary Gold Yes No Needs MFC40.dll:
wine mfc40.exe
MS Visual C# + .NET Proprietary ?? Yes No MonoDevelop + Mono
VMware products Proprietary No ... Some Virtualbox, QEMU VMware's tools can generally be used to convert images between VMware and VirtualBox/QEMU formats.
Microsoft Project Proprietary Bronze Yes No GNOME Planner Planner lacks resource levelling or constraints
Autodesk Products Proprietary Garbage Buggy No Success in Wine depends on the Autodesk product used and revisions of all software involved.
Microsoft Visio Proprietary Gold Yes No Dia Lots of add-ons for circuit shapes and logic for flowcharts
Microsoft Visual Studio Proprietary Garbage Yes No gcc, eclipse-cdt Compiling C++ in g++ is okay, but testing in a Visual Studio environment is recommended to make sure that the project will work correctly before turning it in.
Microsoft PowerPoint Proprietary ? Yes No LibreOffice Impress, Beamer Some instructors may require PPTX files, but some may also accept PDF; your mileage will very depending upon your instructor.
Sibelius Scorch Proprietary ? Yes No
Adobe Flash Player Proprietary ? Yes Yes
Respondus LockDown Browser Proprietary No? No No Integrates with Scholar, Canvas for testing; prevents access to other tabs, perhaps other apps (by blacklist), resists running in virtualized environments and some releases of Wine, must be run as administrator
DigiView Proprietary ?? Yes No Integrates with Scholar, Canvas for testing; prevents access to other tabs, perhaps other apps (by blacklist), resists running in virtualized environments and some releases of Wine, must be run as administrator

Course management software

Blackboard - ??? - 2010

Scholar - 2010 - 2017

Canvas - 2017 - Current

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