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MonoDevelop is a cross-platform Free Software integrated development environment primarily targeting the C# programming language and GTK# graphics libraries. It can be used to complete assignments for ECE 4564 Network Application Design.

Adding a Web Reference

The options for adding a web reference in MonoDevelop are slightly different than in Visual Studio. To add a web reference, right-click on the name of your solution and select Add->Add Web Reference, as pictured below.

MonoDevelop-Web reference-right click solution.png

Then type or paste the web service URL into the box and click Jump to. You should see the web service API listed, like below.

MonoDevelop-Web reference-WSDL.png

If you click OK, the web reference should now show up below standard references in the Solution box.

MonoDevelop-Web reference-Reference listed.png

You cannot alter the namespace that the web reference is put into. Therefore, to use it, you'll need to have a line of code similar to the following:


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