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Date, Time and Location

What Will Be There

  • PXE Server! Distros TBD but may include:
    • Ubuntu
    • Centos
    • Fedora
    • Archlinux
    • Gentoo
    • Debian
    • OpenSUSE
    • FreeBSD
    • OpenBSD
  • Free food (?)
  • Experienced Linux users to answer questions
    • Linux gaming
    • UEFI secure boot
    • BSD variants
    • FOSS


If you're a VTLUUG member interested in helping run installfest, please add your name to this list with your availability. If you don't have a wiki account but still want to help, email

Current volunteer list:

  • mhazinsk (KK4HVQ) - available all day gone for an unknown part of the day for a project demo
  • Telnoratti (KK4HVR) - available all day, has car
  • aam - available for later portion + teardown. In charge of PXE server.
  • marcusw (KJ4WRQ) - available all day, does not have a car

Volunteer duties involve:

  • Setup (11:30-12:00 day-of) -- telnoratti
  • Tear-down (16:30-15:30 day-of)
  • PXE server (week before) -- aam
  • Networking -- mhazinsk
  • Helping others install and configure *nix

Day-of coordination info


  • #vtluug
  • 146.550 MHz simplex


  • mhazinsk's apartment has most installfest supplies from last time; he also has cables and ethernet termination stuff to loan.
  • Sogent's office (in McBryde) has Fedora CDs and swag
  • telnoratti's office in Whittemore has give-aways, switches, cables, banners, blank CDs, and other LUUG stuff
  • CVL (WHIT 432) has: mhazinsk's OpenWrt router/AP, possibly cables
  • aam will have PXE server, need to get it from him several days in advance