Install Xilinx ISE Webpack

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Installing Xilinx Utilities

Downloading Xilinx Webpack

From the above webpage you can register and download the ISE webpack. Using the webpack allows for free licensing of the ISE and a few other utilities. You can also download utilities such as ChipScope, the SDK, and the EDK. The EDK is required for ECE 3534 Microprocessor System Design. All packages can be downloaded individually or as a large DVD image.

How to Extract and Install

After downloading the packages you should have a collection of files that look like this:

Xilinx_11.1_ChipScope_SFD.tar  Xilinx_11.1_SDK_SFD.tar
Xilinx_11.1_EDK_SFD.tar        Xilinx_11.1_WebPack_SFD.tar

Extract the ISE with the following command:

  tar xvf Xilinx_11.1_WebPack_SFD.tar

cd into the extracted folder, ensure the install script has execute permissions, then run the installer:

  cd Xilinx_11.1_WebPack_SFD
  chmod +x ./xsetup
  sudo ./xsetup