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This article walks through installing a custom ROM starting with a stock ROM on Android.

Back Up Application Data

  • You can back up your contacts by choosing Import/Export from the main menu of the Contacts application. Choose Export to SD card.
  • You can back up Notes by choosing the Back up option from the main menu of the Notes application.
  • Once the desired backups have been made to the SD card, connect it to your other machine and mount it as a USB mass storage device. Find your pictures, contacts, notes, and other information and copy or move them from the SD card to a backup location on your other machine.

Install and Run Unrevoked

  • The Unrevoked Recovery and Reflash Tool is needed for the next step. Download and unpack the executable on your computer.
  • On Linux, setup udev permissions for Android then reload udev and if connected, unplug and reinsert the USB cable to your phone:
$ echo 'SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0bb4", MODE="0666"' | sudo tee /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules >/dev/null
$ sudo service udev reload
  • Enable USB debugging from Settings->Applications-Development
  • Make sure the phone is plugged in and run the Unrevoked Reflash Tool:
$ ./reflash
  • This will take a couple of reboots.

Create a Backup Image

  • Once the phone has been rooted and ClockworkMod has been installed, reboot into recovery mode.
    • On the HTC Eris this is accomplished by powering the device off, then holding down the volume down button while pressing the power button to turn it on.
  • Choose recovery mode and then nandroid from the menus. Choose to make a backup. Reboot and copy this backup to your other machine. The backup will consist of a directory named by date of disk images located at /clockworkmod/backup/.

Download Images

Download the desired images for your phone to the device's SD card. For the Eris, you'll want GingerShedBread (GSB). Note that if this page has not been updated recently the versions listed may not be the latest.

Wipe and Flash

  • Do a full data wipe by selecting wipe data/factory reset from the main ClockworkMod menu.
  • Wipe the Dalvik cache by selecting Wipe Dalvik Cache from the advanced ClockworkMod menu. Navigate back to the main menu by pressing the power/hangup button.
  • Flash GingerShedBread by selecting install zip from sdcard, then choose zip from sdcard, then the appropriate zip file.
  • Flash the Google applications package using the same menu selections but the gapps zip file.
  • Sign into Google after the first boot.
  • Pick the Google applications you'd like to install.
  • Import all your contacts and other data, and reinstall your favorite applications.
  • Enjoy the faster browser of Gingerbread, the tethering of Cyanogen Mod, and other perks on your end-of-life Eris!

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