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The computer requirement at Virginia Tech exists but is often superseded by college-wide or departmental requirements. The tablet requirement of the [[College of Engineering]] is perhaps the most well-known and controversial of these requirements.
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=College of Engineering=
==Tablet Requirement==
The tablet requirement came into effect in the fall of 2006. There was strong opposition at its instantiation by various student groups such as the [[Student Technology Council]], the [[Linux and Unix Users Group]]<ref>http://listserv.vt.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind0604&L=VTLUUG&P=790</ref>, and the [[Macintosh Users Group]] and faculty. The requirement was introduced against the advice and opinion of the [[Computer Science]] faculty<ref>http://listserv.vt.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind0903&L=VTLUUG&P=1700</ref>. Although Microsoft Windows is required, the required version consistently lags the latest release.
==Software Bundle==
The software bundle is a required purchase of all engineering students and includes the [[Microsoft Campus Agreement]], [[LabView]], [[MATLAB]], and [[PDF Annotator]]. Despite an overwhelmingly successful pilot Macintosh tablet program put together by the [[Student Technology Council]] and the [[Macintosh Users Group]], the software requirements have never once budged any more than to add a $50, less featurful knockoff of [[Jarnal]] called [[PDF Annotator]] to the package.
=See Also=
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* [[fc:Promoting_Alternatives_to_the_Windows_Tablet_Stack|Free Culture proposed tablet activities]]
=External Links=
* [http://www.eng.vt.edu/academics/comp_require.php College of Engineering tablet requirement]

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